Silicon Valley before Google, Apple & Microsoft

Once there was an ambitious university professor of the 50 years of Stanford who wanted to undertake a project to encourage the creation of companies in a vast area of California, giving them aid to those who wanted to undertake business in that area.

Frederick Terman chose the Santa Clara Valley in San Francisco to begin his idea of a technological city. It was initially named “Stanford Industrial Park”, which contained small industrial enterprises rented at lower prices than the rest of the country and other nations. In addition, a program called “The Honors Cooperative Program” was created (currently called “Coop”), Which consisted in providing university qualifications combined with work half-day to give them greater training.

During the following years,  major technology companies were created to be faced with silicon transistor. That is how companies emerged as Intel, AMD or Signetics. Due to the importance of this mineral, they began to be called the valley as “Silicon Valley”.

In the years 70, the area was already as the most technological region in the world, a pioneer in providing computer companies with components for computers, Including its programming skills and services.

Most popular companies

It’s the most promizing region with investments in creativity and technology. Nanotechnology, robotic or just leisure, everything is in there, at California’s coast.
Example of well known bussines are:


The most known search engine has a total 60.000 of well-paid workers. A main developer can get around $160.000, or an investigation director can get a total of $225.000.


There are around 130.000 workers and incrreasing. Those get $41.000 to $168.000 depending on what they do.


The most polemic social media gives job to 5000 workers. The average salary of this company is about $90.000 per year.


Mark Zuckerberg gives work to a total of 35.000 people, including Whatsapp or Instagram. The average salary in twitter is around $120.000 per year.


The giant of the series has a really good salary. It’s $60.000 to $265.000 per year. Compared to the other they have few workers, 7.000 workers.